About us




Moravec’s ATA Black Belt Academy teaches its students the traditions of Tae Kwon Do with classes in Songahm forms, Self Defense, Sparring, Board Breaks, Weapons, Tae Kwon Do philosophy and life skills.

The skills and techniques used to gain the knowledge and ability to advance in belt ranks will also teach students Self Control, to set and keep Goals, Integrity, Honor, Perseverance, Patience, Attitude, Self Esteem and Discipline. 

Moravec’s ATA is a great workout for both the mind and the body and for getting our families or ourselves physically active.

Moravec’s ATA also believes in giving back to our community.  We participate annually in the Hobart 4th of July parade, Annual Hobart August Fest and Demo team displays.  We also have food and clothing drives that directly benefits those in need in our area.